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    Raymond Mill

    In the material preparation section of our sand-lime brick line, materials discharged from hammer crusher or jaw crusher need to be ground to powder. The Raymond mill is an ideal machine to do that work. Compared with ball mills, the Raymond grinding mill boasts higher efficiency, lower power consumption, smaller floor space and much less cost of one-time investment. Of finished products, the maximum grain size is only 0.95mm (20mesh), the grain size of fine powder is usually 0.033mm (425mesh) and the minimum size is 0.013mm (1000mesh).

    Parts and Features of the Raymond Mill
    1. Base

    Base of the milling equipment is made from high strength, anti-vibration nodular cast iron. It features flexible connection to the mill without rigid contact, which effectively prevents vibration caused in the milling chamber transferring to the mill and classifier to avoid damage of parts, and improves classifying precision.

    2. Reducer
    The Raymond mill employs high quality reducer that comes with stable running, reliable performance and can be effective to improve machine stability. V-belt is used to transmit power between reducer and motor, making for overload protection.

    3. Classifier
    Classification unit of the vertical roller mill features frequency control which is more energy efficient, precise, flexible and automatic than electromagnetic speed control.

    4. Powder Collector
    The special pulverizer is provided with a highly efficient powder collector that ensures low cost of investment and can isolate most of tiny dust during powder collection. It completely complies with the national dust emission standard.

    5. Grinding Roller
    The grinding roller of our Raymond mill applies multi-layer seal, ensuring extraordinary sealing performance and effectively preventing dust from entering the main shaft and damaging milling parts.

    6. Pressure Device
    High pressure spring as pressure device is used to increase the grinding pressure of roller by 800-1200kg and output by 20-30%.

    Technical Parameters of the Raymond Mill
    Model Grinding ring diameter x height ( mm ) Maximum feed size ( mm) Finished products grain size ( mesh) Capacity ( t/h) Main machine speed ( r/min) Main power ( KW) Fan power ( KW) Classifier power ( KW) Dimensions (L x W x H) ( mm)
    YGM75 780 x 150 <15 30-425 1-3 160 18.5 15 2.2 4300 x 3500 x 5100
    YGM85 830 x 140 <20 30-425 1.2-4.5 150 22 22 4 5300 x 4100 x 5200
    YGM95 950 x 170 <25 30-425 2.1-5.6 130 37 30 5.5 7100 x 5900 x 7900
    YGM130 1280 x 210 <30 30-425 3.8-12 103 75 75 7.5 7850 x 8000 x 9700

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